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Monday, September 20, 2010


Thanks Kida...
Hey, guys! A.I. here, and welcome to my anime ratings/reviews~!
Anime is definitely growing in popularity across the globe and many people are asking, "What is anime?!"

Here is my answer, In a nutshell, anime is "Japanese animation". However, anime is a bit different from "Looney Tunes" and "SpongeBob". If anything, anime can be given its own section in a movie store and within it, have all sorts of different genre dividers. Why?

Here's the reason: Most anime series have a story line that builds up like that of a popular live action TV show. Thus, not all anime is geared towards children. Like any TV show, the plots range from horror, romance, comedy, drama, mystery, etc. Yet, like a few American cartoons, anime is greatly influenced by comic books (a.k.a. manga). In America, "Superman" and other heroes were made into children shows, while in Japan, Dragonball's manga was being turned into an anime.  

For this blog, I'll try to touch on a wide diversity of genres. Like Kida said, I'll be going over both "popular" and "lesser-known" series. Why? Because a lot of the "less-than-popular" series, are the ones that have a higher chance in spiking an interest in people. Don't get me wrong, "Pokemon", "Dragonball", "Beyblade", "Bakugan", and "Yu-gi-oh!", attract attention, but they appeal to mostly younger boys (and girls).

((*NOTE: I'll most likely not go over these series.))    

However, before I get started on blogging, I have to first go over some terms and how this whole thing is going to work out.
Here are a couple of terms (some I'll use more than others):

  • Anime- Japanese animations

  • Manga- Comic books

  • Dubbed- Spoken language (Ex. English dub/Japanese dub)

  • Subbed- Subtitled 

  • Dating Sim game- "Dating simulation" game

  • Light novels- just as the name implies, "short novel". Usually they make up a series and they have illustration pages throughout the novel (Visual references). 

  • Fanservice- A term usually applied to pleasing the "sensory interests" of the male audience, but there are times that it is applied to the female audience. (No, not R or X-rated stuff. That is a whole different story that I'm not getting into) 
Pretty much how all my posts will work is simple:
I'll have a cover picture, the title of the series, a couple of screenshots on the post, the animation studio, if the show has been licensed for English release, what the series is an adaptation of (if was), a summary of the series, my rating (ex. 8.5/10), and my thoughts on it.
So with all that said, I hope you enjoy the blog!
(Starting today, I'll be in your humble care!) 

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